MIPTV Spotlight: GMA Worldwide


GMA Worldwide is presenting to the global market new drama series that have already proven to be successful in the Philippines.

Among them, Heart and Soul is about fraternal twins Criselda and Crisanta. Criselda dies, but Crisanta can see her sister’s spirit. Their bond is put to the test when they fight for one man’s love. The Stepdaughters follows two women who become stepsisters and battle over fame, fortune, family and love.

Additionally, Stay with Me tells the story of a young wife’s struggle to keep her family together after being infected with HIV. “We believe that these dramas tell stories that focus on real-life experiences, show strong family connections, and portray love and romance,” says Manuel Paolo Laurena, the company’s senior sales manager. “GMA Network is a prolific producer of quality dramas.”