MIPCOM to Screen Japanese Costume Drama The Return


The Return, billed as the first Japanese costume drama shot in 8K, has been slated as a World Premiere TV Screening at MIPCOM.

Based on a story by award-winning writer Shuhei Fujisawa, The Return stars Tatsuya Nakadai, a veteran of director Akira Kurosawa’s historical epics, with Takako Tokiwa and Jiro Sato, who will be in Cannes for the premiere. The drama was directed and co-written by Shigemichi Sugita for Japan’s Samurai Drama Channel.

Sugita said, “The Return is a drama about universal values. A person has made a mistake he wants to correct late in life, and he’s looking for a way to do that.”

Added Sugita, “We wanted to capture the most realistic historical detail possible. We’ve tried to do this many times in the past, but now we think we’ve succeeded thanks to 8K technology.”

Agent Hamilton, a spy thriller series based on one of Scandinavia’s hottest literary properties, is also lined up for a World Premiere TV Screening at MIPCOM. It is based on the best-selling Hamilton novels by Jan Guillou and stars an international cast: Jakob Oftebro (Below the Surface, Kon-Tiki), Rowena King (Shut Eye, The Bucket List) and Wallander stars Krister Henriksson and Nina Zanjani.