MIPCOM Spotlight: Inter Medya


Inter Medya is showcasing Blue Cage, which sees Ali relocate his family to live with his father-in-law, the owner of a boutique hotel, upon learning of his wife’s fatal illness.

When tragedy strikes, the family is grief-stricken. Days of irreversible events, passionate love and the unraveling of family ties unfold.

Deception is also on offer, featuring a seemingly picture-perfect family whose buried secrets come to light. When Güzide’s husband’s betrayal is revealed, she finds herself confronting the reality that her life has been a lie.

Tuzak is the story of three siblings who come together to find that they do not have the bond they thought they had. The title centers on themes of family, love and lies.

The Inter Medya slate also features Another Chance and Poison Ivy.