MIPCOM Spotlight: Global Screen


Hostage is a six-part thriller on offer from Global Screen, a Telepool brand, that features a wide-ranging perspective on a multicultural Europe trapped in the long shadow of the war on terror.

In the sequel to Stockholm Requiem, a plane is hijacked and a criminologist is tasked with figuring out the truth while her male partner tries to hide it.

Meanwhile, Munich ’72 uses documentary and reenactment styles to tell the story of the 1972 Munich Olympics terror attack.

Dome 16 centers on young people who find themselves on different sides of the class divide in a dystopian future. “Through danger, cliffhangers and abundant humor, it is the romance of the two main characters and all the hurdles they encounter that is at the heart of Dome 16,” says Julia Weber, head of international sales and acquisitions.

“We are constantly improving our business so that we can offer our clients even higher quality programming,” Weber adds.