MIPCOM Spotlight: DCD Rights


The Stan original Romper Stomper, on offer from DCD Rights, picks up on the prescient themes and story of Geoffrey Wright’s 1992 classic film.

The six-part crime drama/political thriller, which is told from multiple points of view, follows a new generation of the activist Right, its Anti-Fascist counterparts and three young Muslims caught up in the conflict. DCD Rights also has a second season of the legal drama Striking Out, as well as the transatlantic co-production Acceptable Risk.

“With its highly relatable themes and engaging characters, Striking Out has already proven very popular globally, and these six new episodes enable us to position the drama as a strong ongoing prime-time brand with wide appeal,” says Nicky Davies Williams, the company’s CEO. “The contemporary thriller Acceptable Risk delivers six tension-fueled episodes that will keep audiences gripped.”

Davies Williams adds, “We continue to focus on building a diverse, high-end slate of content by partnering with some of the industry’s best creative talent.”