Lionsgate+ Greenlights More Señorita 89


Lionsgate+ has greenlit a second season of the original series Señorita 89, set against the glamour of 1980s Mexico.

Joining the cast for season two are Dolores Heredia (El Galán) as La Madrina, mother of the cartels who sees power and influence in Jocelyn (Leidi Gutiérrez), and Yoshira Escárrega (Toda La Sangre) as Maribel Montaño, who is known as La Santa because the night they found her with her victim’s eyes in her hands, they say the dead man could still see.

Señorita 89 is co-produced by Fremantle and Fabula, with Lucia Puenzo returning as showrunner. The series will be available on Lionsgate+ in Latin America and Spain.

“After the incredible reception of the first season, both in Mexico and the rest of the world, it was an immense joy to receive the confirmation that there would be a second season,” said Puenzo, showrunner and screenwriter of the series. “In the second season, our protagonists have understood that nothing is achieved by asking for forgiveness or permission. They are ready to set fire to all limits, borders, privileges… and break once and for all the stereotypes that say that only princesses have the right to exist.”

Señorita 89 pulled back the curtain on some of the truths and challenges women faced in the ’80s, and we saw viewers wanting more week-over-week,” said Jeff Cooke, senior VP of programming for international digital networks for STARZ. “We are thrilled to team up again with Lucia Puenzo and Fabula to continue the impactful storytelling and its relevancy in today’s modern world that reinforces our commitment to co-producing local and culturally relevant content.”

“Having the opportunity to do a second season of Señorita 89 is a privilege, which reflects the success of the first installment,” said Ángela Poblete, regional director of TV at Fabula and executive producer. “This new season reunites us with our beloved misses in even more extreme circumstances. Her fight is no longer to be the most beautiful woman in Mexico but to preserve her life.”