Kylie Padilla & Ruru Madrid Reunite in The Cure


Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid, who starred together in the hit fantasy series Encantadia, are set to reunite in another TV project, GMA’s sci-fi series The Cure.

Padilla has already appeared in the series, playing the role of special agent Lieutenant Adira Aguilar. Madrid’s role is yet to be revealed.

Padilla last appeared as Amihan in the 2016 remake of Encantadia, where she was first paired with Madrid, who played Ybrahim.

“The last time I saw Kylie was in Encantadia so I am excited to work with her again,” said Madrid. He is also happy that he is doing another action series after Encantadia, Bow of Justice and Sherlock Jr. “I think doing action series is my forte. I really enjoy doing it,” he said.