Kenaz Webtoons to Be Adapted for TV


Singapore’s Momo Film Co, a Beach House Pictures company, has inked a co-production deal with Seoul-based Bros Studio to develop a slate of scripted TV series based on Kenaz webtoons.

Projects already in development are Mirror Game, in which a master illusionist with devious intentions becomes a viral sensation after hypnotizing people online, and All About Money, about three best friends who unexpectedly come across $1 billion and are thrown into the world of crime and corruption.

The Mirror Game webtoon is written and illustrated by Sunny and Baolong, while All About Money is written and illustrated by BaStards and Siho.

“We are in the era of NFTs, AI, VR and K-content, and I believe that webtoons is the medium that connects all of those trends and technologies,” said Woody Lee, CEO of Kenaz. “Webtoons not only has the potential to be a source of entertainment and content, but it also can become the source of technology and content such as NFTs and AI.”

“We are now seeing the global markets open up to viewing webtoon IPs, popular in their native digital format for many years in Korea, in motion-picture format,” noted Joseph Jang, co-founder of Bros Studio. “We look forward to working alongside Momo Film Co to bring more of those stories to the global viewing audience.”

“We are thrilled to work on these incredible narratives that have large fan communities and look forward to getting more Asian IPs made and producing stories that need to be seen on screen,” added Si En, managing director and co-founder of Momo. “The webtoon universe has a wealth of stories that we can tap into, and working on Kenaz’s stories with Bros is a perfect partnership.”

“We are excited about supporting this unique collaboration between Singapore and Korea,” said Donovan Chan, creative director and co-founder of Beach House Pictures. “Together, we have plans to launch even more webtoon-adapted series across Asia and bring these Asian IPs to territories beyond, including the U.S. and the U.K.”