K-Drama Red Swan Coming Exclusively to Disney+


The romantic revenge series Red Swan has been added to Disney+’s upcoming slate of Korean dramas.

The show follows a Goodwill Ambassador and former professional golfer who has long been aware of her husband’s infidelity but remained determined to make it work. She begins to reconsider their marriage after narrowly escaping a hail of gunfire at an event due to the heroic actions of their bodyguard, who she begins to develop feelings for without knowing his true motivations.

The cast includes Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity, On Air), Jeong Jihun (Ghost Doctor, Ninja Assassin), Jeong Gyeoun (You Are Too Much, Sooni), Kim Yongguk and Seo Isug (Rookie Cops, Hypnosis). Red Swan is written by Choi Yoonjung (Only Love, Three Sisters) and directed by Park Hongkyun (A Korean Odyssey, Warm and Cozy).

Red Swan will stream later this year exclusively on Disney+, joining a roster of K-dramas that also includes Big Bet and Big Mouth.