Greek Dramedy On All Fours Centers on Disability


Greek streamer ANT1+ is set to debut On All Fours, a new dramedy from Antenna Studios that challenges preconceptions around disability, this week.

The series centers on rebellious wheelchair user Stella, who doesn’t see herself as a victim or a hero and doesn’t want to be anyone’s inspiration—she just wants to live her life. Over eight episodes, she navigates both the unforgiving terrain and dating pool of Athens.

Georgia Kaltsi, para athlete, campaigner and influencer, stars as Stella. The rest of the cast is made up of professional actors and other non-actors, like Kaltsi. On All Fours is written and created by Themis Gkyrtis and directed by Sergios Konstantinidis.

On All Fours is a powerful universal story that has inspired everyone at Antenna Studios and, in making it, it has also changed the way we see the world around us, for the better,” said Michael Iskas, CEO of Antenna Studios. “We believe it will have the same effect on viewers worldwide.”