Great Island Preps Drama Series Headcase


The Cork-based Irish production company Great Island, established in 2020 by Mark Kenny and Jim Robinson, is bringing its lead drama, Headcase, to market.

Headcase follows a troubled Cork street artist, his former boxing champion sister and an agoraphobic friend in their search for more meaningful lives. It is the first of 12 projects in development at Great Island to be brought to market.

“We are making local content with global appeal,” Kenny said. “Having promoted our 14-minute teaser of the show to MIPCOM and Content London, we have attracted interest in Ireland, the U.K. and France and also with several international distributors and broadcasters. We expect to move into production in late 2024.”

Great Island also plans to open a comprehensive production center in the city of Cork to support its aim of creating content across animation, drama and unscripted formats.. “Cork and the wider region is a huge source of previously untapped screenwriting talent,” Robinson said. “Until recently, television production in Ireland has been focused on Dublin, Wicklow and Galway. Now, the Cork region is the new focus for TV production development.”