Global Station to Adapt Café con Aroma de Mujer

Global Station has acquired RCN’s Café con Aroma de Mujer format through Orasi Media and will produce a local version for Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

The series follows a mother and daughter who believe they will inherit a piece of land to grow their own coffee, but when the former owner dies, the two women must fight to get his family to honor their agreement. In the meantime, the daughter meets the former owner’s son and falls in love.

The new Asian adaptation will feature 50 one-hour episodes.

“Orasi Media is proud to associate with reputed companies like RCN and Global Station,” said Asit Shah, founder and CEO of Orasi Media. “We are confident that through our online marketplace, we will have many more deals closing in the near future. We are thankful to all our clients that are spread across from Japan to the U.S. for partnering with us.”