Global Screen Acquires Hostage


Global Screen, a Telepool brand, has picked up Hostage, a sequel to Stockholm Requiem, for worldwide distribution outside the Nordics and Benelux.

The thriller centers on Fredrika Bergman, a civil servant of the Swedish Department of Justice who is reviewing the case of Syrian academic Said Kehlifi, arrested for obscure reasons. When a plane is hijacked and Kehlifi is the prime suspect, Bergman realizes that someone may be hiding the truth.

Bergman is brought in by the Swedish Intelligence Agency SAPO and Eden Lundell to help the investigation, but immediately clashes with Lundell. Bergman partners with an investigative journalist and finds that Kehlifi and Lundell may be connected by the mysterious Operation Tennyson. She must get to the truth before the plane meets its fate.

Hostage is co-produced by Swedish Kärnfilm AB and Belgian Lunanime. It is directed by Karin Fahlén and produced by Martina Stöhr. Swedish actors Jonas Karlsson (Black Mirror, The Snowman) and Liv Mjönes (Midsommar) star.

Julia Weber, head of international acquisitions and sales at Global Screen, said: “Hostage is a series truly worth watching. It unites the suspense of a unique hostage-taking situation and a main character on the pursuit of justice in a seemingly unjust world. The cast is very well chosen, and Liv Mjönes is performing outstandingly.”

Fahlén of Kärnfilm added: “I’m hoping this is a story that can appeal to a broad audience on different levels, both to entertain and to reflect. We want to challenge peoples’ preconceptual ideas of the reasons behind terror acts other than the obvious religious and political ones. We have told this story from a different perspective to show that things are more complex than they seem.”