German Drama Einstein Back in Development with CBS


Red Arrow Studios International’s German drama series Einstein is back in development with CBS in the U.S.

The new development for CBS is written and executive produced by Lauren Gussis, the creator of Insatiable, and executive produced by American Gothic creator Corinne Brinkerhoff. The series is centered on a brilliant young physics professor who is the secret, illegitimate great-grandchild of Albert Einstein. The twist for the U.S. version is that she’s his great-granddaughter, while in the German original the character was the great-grandson.

The original Zeitsprung Pictures production of Einstein was written by Martin Ritzenhoff and Matthias Dinter based on their 2015 TV movie, starring Tom Beck (Alarm for Cobra 11). Einstein was a hit on SAT.1 in Germany over three seasons. Red Arrow Studios International has sold the German series to over 100 territories and handles worldwide distribution of the format and finished tape.

Joel Denton, acting president at Red Arrow Studios International, said: “We are delighted that Einstein is back in development at CBS with such a talented team. The changes to the format for a U.S. audience promise to reveal new layers in the show, and we are excited about this new series moving forward.”