Further South & Incendo Pact for Thriller Series


Further South Productions, a recently founded U.K. indie, and Canada’s Incendo have partnered to co-develop the new dramatic thriller Ice.

Ice tells the story of a group of people comprised of scientists, research students, technicians, a cook and a physician who spend the harsh winter together in a British Antarctic Research Station. When Dr. Katie Campbell arrives on the last transport to the station, she knows there is no way in or out of the most isolated place on Earth for the next six months.

The landscape where the research center is located is both beautiful and treacherous—not a safe place to be at the best times, but even more deadly when one of the team members is a murderer. Katie couldn’t have chosen a more difficult first posting, replacing the last physician who died in a tragic accident. As she begins to discover the truth behind the untimely death of her predecessor, it becomes apparent that something mysterious and dangerous is hidden under the ice.

The six-episode scripted series was created and written by John Forte (Cold Feet, Life Begins) and is a U.K.-Canada co-production. Lionsgate is the international distributor and Incendo is the exclusive Canadian distributor.