Escape Attempt Novel Set for Long-Form Series


The Aggressive TV creative agency is making its move into long-form television with Escape Attempt, based on the novel by the Soviet science-fiction authors Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

The Strugatsky brothers’ sweeping story was written during the Cold War era, when working under authoritarian pressure, artists were able to create poignant, rich sci-fi domains with characters facing emotionally charged existential dilemmas. The six-part Escape Attempt follows the fates of Saul, Ana and Vadim and the mystery of the world they have discovered.

The series is built around answering questions raised by the novella, set within the Strugatsky brothers’ Noon Universe, their extensive intergalactic mythology for the XXIInd century.

The pilot episode of Escape Attempt has just completed postproduction and will be available to screen for potential co-production and pre-acquisition partners at MIPTV. Marenzi and Associates is on board.