Eccho Rights Presents Cennet


Eccho Rights has lined up Cennet, Sürec Film’s newest Turkish drama series, for a MIPCOM debut.

Cennet is a format adaptation based on Tears of Heaven from Korea’s CJ E&M. The Turkish version (Cennet’in Gözyaşları) is airing this season on ATV. It stars Alma Ada and Berk Atan in the leading roles.

Cennet (Ada) is an ambitious young woman from a tough background. When the woman she longs to work for turns out to be the mother that abandoned her as a baby, her motivation switches, having always sought the maternal love she has missed since birth. Yet her appearance rings alarm bells for her mother who suspects foul play and tries everything to get rid of Cennet from her life once more.

“This is a really exciting project for us,” said Handan Özkubat, the head of Eccho Rights’ Istanbul office. “It is a great story that we know well from the Korean script, and Sürec Film has a proud history of high-quality productions that are have been received well by both Turkish and international audiences.”

Ali Gündoğdu, CEO of Sürec Film, added: “Eccho Rights have a strong track record and have succeeded in taking our series to new territories before, making Cherry Season the first Turkish drama to air on free TV in Italy, for example. We look forward to seeing where this series will go!”