Eccho Rights Picks Up My Home, My Destiny


Eccho Rights has taken on the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the hit Turkish series My Home, My Destiny (Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir).

The drama is produced by OGM Pictures for TV8 in Turkey. The series, which stars Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol, has already been ordered for a second season.

The producer is Onur Güvenatam, who is the EP behind The Gift and The Protector, both Turkish Netflix originals, as well as the long-running hit series Wounded Love (Kanal D) and A Part of Me (Star TV).

The series follows Zeynep, who is born into a poor family and has few opportunities in life. Her father is an alcoholic, her mother weak and her brother dies due to lack of medical treatment. Her fortunes change when the family that employs her mother as a cleaning lady offers to adopt the young girl. However, this fairy tale will come to a shocking end when her birth mother shows up, seeking to regain control of her daughter’s life and bring her back to the home where she was born. Dragged back into a world she had left behind, this isn’t life as Zeynep knows it, but her return home is full of lessons and surprises, and a meeting of hearts has the potential to change everything.

Handan Özkubat, director of Turkish drama at Eccho Rights, said: “We are very happy to bring this exceptional series to international audiences. While having a strong love story at the core, Zeynep’s journey touches on a lot of very important themes like the concept of belonging, identity and home that will resonate all over the world.”