Dynamic & Tongal Team for Drama Incubator


Dynamic Television and Tongal have partnered to launch an incubator to develop TV dramas.

The partnership will kick off with Nextopia, a project to open source a science-fiction drama concept via Tongal’s platform for Dynamic Television to produce for broadcast and cable networks. Starting today, writers from around the world can submit story ideas for a series that explores how evil and the dark side of humanity evolve in a not too distant future where technological advancements have created a near-utopian society. At the end of the project, Tongal and Dynamic Television will arrive at three treatments through their collaboration and will then pitch the project to showrunners and present to their network partners to bring those treatments to series.

“Tongal’s innovations have positively disrupted and influenced a massive industry, and now we are excited to apply those tools to our never-ending task of developing great stories,” said Daniel March, the managing partner of Dynamic Television. “The partnership’s goals are ambitious, to not only crowdsource great ideas but to then to crowdsource an audience that can launch a series.”

James DeJulio, co-founder and president of Tongal, noted: “Tongal’s core belief is that brilliant people are everywhere and that breakthrough ideas come from embracing open innovation and new talent. Our partnership with Dynamic Television allows us to replicate what we’ve done in short-form content and advertising for long-form entertainment. Being open allows the needle in haystack to find you, and from the moment I met Dan, it was clear he was just the type of producer to see it first.”