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DISCOP Dubai Spotlight: Fox Networks Group Content Distribution


Mark Strong leads the cast in Deep State, on offer from Fox Networks Group Content Distribution at DISCOP Dubai.

The story centers on an ex-spy who is brought back into the field to avenge the death of his son. “Deep State is a topical, relevant and fast-paced espionage thriller dealing with major issues on the international stage such as the links between politics, business and global conflicts,” says Magdalena Szwedkowicz, the company’s VP of content sales for CEE and MENA. “It has a superior cast, is beautifully produced and parts of the story are actually located in the Middle East, so I believe it will have great relevance to buyers in the region.”

Also a highlight is In Another Life, about a woman who takes on someone else’s identity in order to escape her oppressive family. “MENA has been embracing top-quality Turkish drama for some time now, and buyers in the region are always interested in hearing about engaging new stories, with real human drama at their core, in order to build loyal audiences,” says Szwedkowicz.

There is also Genius: Einstein, an Emmy-nominated biographical drama starring Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson. “Genius: Einstein paints a portrait of the real Albert Einstein in all his complexity,” says Szwedkowicz. Genius: Picasso, featuring Antonio Banderas, is slated to launch this spring.

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