Video: Dancing Ledge Productions’ Laurence Bowen & Chris Carey

As Dancing Ledge Productions works to bring top-flight projects to the industry, the company has been focused on cultivating a vibrant creative culture—and the key to that lies in mentoring. Indeed, Dancing Ledge counts the likes of ITV, the BBC and ScreenSkills as partners and funders of its writer and new director schemes. Laurence Bowen, CEO of Dancing Ledge Productions, and Chris Carey, managing director, tell TV Drama Weekly about bringing new voices to the table.

Bowen and Carey also discuss the market tendency for “bigger, better, fewer” when it comes to drama these days, along with examining financing models and narrative formats.


Dancing Ledge is behind recent critically acclaimed drama hits such as The ResponderThe New Pope and The Salisbury Poisonings. It was awarded Production Company of the Year at this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival awards.