Casualty Resumes Filming in the U.K.


The BBC One medical drama Casualty has recommenced filming with an episode that will depict the extraordinary times amid the coronavirus pandemic through the lens of the Emergency Department staff.

The series, which has long reflected the difficult realities of the NHS, will examine the personal cost of being national heroes at a time of crisis. Casualty will return with an episode that builds on its heritage and reveals the full extent of the impact that the virus has had on Emergency Departments.

In the episode, Clinical Lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) finds that her personal leadership qualities are pushed to their very limit when several of her team fall ill with the virus in the line of duty. With the support of Charlie (Derek Thompson), himself devastated by the impact of the coronavirus on local care homes, Connie reflects on her leadership in these challenging times and together they face a gut-wrenching decision. The pandemic and its aftermath put pressure on all of the staff, many of them facing significant personal challenges.

A BBC Studios production for BBC One, the production team for Casualty has developed comprehensive production protocols to ensure that the series is produced in a safe and responsible manner. Social distancing will be adhered to in accordance to current government guidelines and the high standards that audiences expect will be achieved through inventive techniques and careful planning.

Kate Oates, head of continuing drama at BBC Studios, said: “We are thrilled to be back in production with BBC’s longest-running medical show. The writers, Casualty teams, cast and crew are back on set with stories that reflect the extraordinary times we are living through. We can’t wait for the audience to see them and to be back in the Saturday night schedule.”