Canal+ Commissions Viking Docudrama


Canal+ has commissioned the docudrama Rise of the Vikings from Pernel Media for its channels Planète+ and C8.

Each episode of the four-part series will explore a specific clash of power from the viewpoint of a famous Viking leader across 80 years. It will examine the power struggles between Viking leaders and how they and their raids helped shape European kingdoms.

The drama sequences, led by dialogue, will be shot in 4K in authentic settings in Europe. The documentary segments will follow present-day archaeologists in Scandinavia, England and Germany as they use the latest scientific tools to shed light on the Vikings’ way of life.

The series will also feature CGI and VFX bringing lost buildings and cities back to life.

Samuel Kissous, president of Pernel Media, is executive producer. Franck Appietto commissioned the series for Planète+.

“After the global success of Legends of the Pharaohs, we are excited to present this new epic, highly ambitious drama-doc series building on our expertise of lavishly realized dramatizations and CGI,” Kissous said.