Big Light & Constantin Team for Nuremberg Trials Drama


Constantin Film and Frank Spotnitz’s Big Light Productions are developing a high-end drama series following the characters and events surrounding the Nuremberg trials.

The expansive new drama will focus on the prosecution of Nazi officials after World War II, the first time in history that people were held accountable for war crimes. The series explores characters from all sides of the trials, showing how not only justice was at stake but the global balance of power.

The series will be executive produced by Oliver Berben and Robert Kulzer for Constantin Film, Spotnitz (The Man in the High Castle, The X-Files, Medici, Leonardo) and Creative Director Emily Feller (Leonardo, Medici, Trust Me, Ordinary Lies) for Big Light, and Ron Maxwell (Gettysburg) along with Jeff Berg of Northside Services.

“This series is a real powerhouse,” Spotnitz said. “It’s an investigative mystery, a suspense thriller set both in a courtroom and on the global stage, and one of the most searing moral dramas imaginable. The characters and the issues all seem startlingly relevant and contemporary.”

“We are delighted to partner with Constantin Film on such an important and timely series,” added Feller. “This is truly landmark television, drama that not only makes for compelling entertainment but asks important questions that the world is still grappling with today.”

Kulzer added, “On May 8, 1945, Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered to the Allies, but the world remained in a state of unrest and global power play. Our show describes the intricate and multi-layered chess game how the United States took the reins on establishing the postwar power structure and how the Nuremberg trials became the tipping point that signaled to the world that law and order will be restored.”

Maxwell commented, “Following the catastrophe of the Second World War, the Nuremberg trials were an epochal event. The Americans and Europeans involved in forging justice were both larger than life and all too human. I’m humbled to be working with Constantin Film and Big Light to bring this important story to life.”