BBC Worldwide & Anton Launch £150 Million Drama Fund


BBC Worldwide and Sébastien Raybaud’s Anton have unveiled The Drama Investment Partnership, which will supply funding for premium British dramas with international appeal.

Through this new pool funding, BBC Worldwide expects to greenlight a slate worth at least £150 million ($187.7 million) over its initial three-year period. BBC Worldwide will identify projects for development and investment and will take on global marketing and distribution of titles financed by The Drama Investment Partnership. The upcoming thriller McMafia is an example of the kind of high-end drama that the financing hopes to support.

The Drama Investment Partnership has been established as an exclusive co-financing relationship with Anton, with both parties providing investment funding. Anton has a track record in premium global IP investment, having supported titles such as Shaun the Sheep, Legend, Paddington and Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy.

Tim Davie, the CEO of BBC Worldwide, said: “With The Drama Investment Partnership, we are actively bringing new funding opportunities to the market, consistent with our history of pioneering financing and partnership deals. We are delighted to welcome Anton as our partner for The Drama Investment Partnership, and are confident that the new funds will unlock greater opportunities for content makers and commissioners to ensure the very best of British drama continues to be made for audiences across the world.”

Raybaud, the CEO of Anton, said: “In a market flooded with content, it has become critical to stand out. This is why we are backing BBC Worldwide’s strategy to target ambitious high-end drama. With its brand, reach and commitment to high-quality content, BBC Worldwide is well positioned to offer talent an attractive home for large budget series.”