Banijay’s Screen Line Productions to Adapt The Declaration


Screen Line Productions, part of Banijay France, has acquired the rights to Gemma Malley’s young adult novel The Declaration to adapt for television.

The novel will be adapted by Morgan S. Dalibert and Mathieu Lalande. Set in the year 2140, a future where longevity drugs have made it possible for people to live indefinitely, the dystopian novel follows 16-year-old Anna, a child born into an overpopulated world that views her existence as surplus. Her life in a Surplus Hall, where unwanted children are sent, takes a dramatic turn with the arrival of a new resident, Peter.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert, CEO of Banijay France, said: “This has been a deeply personal project for me since I first discovered this gripping novel 15 years ago and recognized its potential for adaptation. The quest for longevity is a fascinating societal concept, and the novel expertly weaves these thought-provoking ethical and moral dilemmas around life and death. Combined with its rich universe and intriguing characters, I have no doubt The Declaration will make for a captivating series.”

Screen Line Productions’ Frederic Lussato added: “Embarking on the journey to adapt this sci-fi novel aligns perfectly with our goal to produce premium content for young adults. The Declaration is a real page-turner with gripping suspense but also explores universal themes of freedom and love. Bringing this compelling story to the screen promises to engage viewers like never before.”