Banijay Comes On Board VTM Soap Familie


Banijay Group is boosting its scripted output through a joint investment in the long-running VTM soap Familie.

A new partnership sees Medialaan, the parent company of VTM, and production house Zodiak Belgium, a Banijay Group company, joining forces to invest in the future of the daily series Familie, which is now in its 28th season. The partners will invest further in people, content and infrastructure surrounding the show in the coming years.

The first step in this new collaboration will be a significant upgrade in Familie’s studio facilities, as the production moves to Zodiak Belgium’s independent production house in Lint, AED Studios. The whole cast and crew of Familie, which totals around 90 people, will move from its current studio in Boortmeerbeek to the new studios in summer 2018.

Takis Candilis, the head of scripted at Banijay Group, commented, “Our scripted division is continuing to grow as we build on the vast experience of our many local production companies. Banijay Group’s diverse investments from high-end, multi-party, international co-productions to long-running drama series mean we are now a real force in scripted programming on a global scale.”