ATF Spotlight: GMA Worldwide


GMA Worldwide is showcasing some of its newest dramas, including Family Jewels, at ATF.

Family Jewels is about five sisters who have the same father but different mothers and are all battling for control of their father’s company.

Another highlight is Silent Shadow, about a woman who finds love after a difficult separation, though her new man is seduced by another woman—who turns out to be her transgender ex-husband.

There’s also Color of My Blood, an action drama about two brothers who are on opposite sides of the law.

“We think these will appeal to viewers in Asia who are always looking for themes that are out of the ordinary,” says VP Roxanne J. Barcelona. “Stories that revolve around modern-day issues that affect society today…are appealing and pique the viewer’s curiosity.”

“While we continue to provide finished content to our clients, remake rights of GMA’s dramas are also available,” Barcelona adds.