All for Love Lands on Netflix


All for Love, a love story drama originally produced by Fox Telecolombia for Caracol Television, has rolled out on Netflix.

All for Love centers on Irene, the lead singer of the market place band Los Milagrosos, who meets a man named Joaquin who arrives in the city carrying nothing but the clothes he is wearing and finds work in an auto repair shop. They cross paths while fighting for their respective dreams and soon find themselves fighting to be together. Carlos Torres (The Queen of Flow) and Ana Maria Estupiñan (The Voice of Freedom) star.

In addition to the series’ broadcast in Colombia, All for Love’s soundtrack was released and is available on Spotify and Deezer.

Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television’s international sales VP, said: “We have created an unbeatable formula for this new series that we are presenting to the market: two great talents, well-known internationally for their parts in The Girl and The Queen of Flow, join this heartrending love story, flourished by a powerful original soundtrack of popular music. All of these elements, combined with our expertise in production quality, make All for Love a key figure in our offer.”

Torres added: “The essence of this story is marvelous. My character sees his life change from one moment to another, by believing he has it all and suddenly he loses it. That’s how he must start again in a new world where all kinds of things will happen to him.”