Toon Goggles Website Set for Launch


LOS ANGELES: Toon Goggles is a new cartoon website from ADC Licensing that allows kids to stream content and rights-holders and network executives to access data such as viewer demographics, time spent watching, ratings and more.

Toon Goggles offers never-before-seen pilots, trailers, clips and full-length episodes of professionally produced cartoons. The online destination can be accessed on any computer as well as the iOS and Android mobile platforms via the web or mobile application. The site collects metrics that track an individual property’s performance. Rights-holders and network execs who sign up for the free service can then access this data.

The site also can also be used to feature material from older libraries, giving a second life to cartoons that may have never originally found a slot on TV. Previously unfinished projects can be placed on Toon Goggles as well, to renew financial interest with the networks.

Cartoons are currently offered in English and Spanish, with more languages expected to be added. A dedicated profile page for each cartoon allows the properties to showcase their characters and information about the company involved in the production.

Kids can use the site to share their favorite animated shows with friends through email. Each cartoon uploaded to the site is reviewed to ensure it contains child-appropriate content, making Toon Goggles a kid- and parent-friendly environment for viewing.

The website if free for viewers and rights-holders. Submissions can be made online for up to 20 videos or sent on DVD.