Three International VR Firms Merge to Form Virtual Content Group


PARIS/BERLIN/MELBOURNE: France’s Cow Prod, Germany’s INVR.SPACE and Australia’s 3D Content Hub have come together to form the Virtual Content Group (VCG), which has a combined rights library of nearly 80 VR titles.

VCG will offer production, post-production and licensing services. To date, the combined venture has produced and co-produced more than 150 VR projects. The three respective entities have clients in more than 40 countries, including Disney, Sky, Netflix, NBCUniversal, Sony and Deutsche Telekom.

In addition to distributing VR titles such as Titans of Space and Tomorrow VR, VCG is currently developing a wide range of projects, including museum installations, co-productions in Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and Germany, and a room-scale VR experience.

“VCG is as an international leader in VR,” said Torsten Hoffmann, VCG co-founder and CEO. “Building our own IP is core to our business model.”

“We partner with governments, companies and creatives all over the world and are not limited to one camera system or distribution platform,” added Gallien Chanalet-Quercy, VCG co-founder.