Rights Tracker Unveils New Screening Platform


LONDON: The online rights-management outfit Rights Tracker is launching a new tool for distributors and producers, Assetry Screen.

The platform enables content owners to create their own branded video websites, online screening rooms, players and branded channels. It also generates real-time viewing reports, which can be useful for the program sales process and deliver digital files to broadcasters that have acquired a title. Assetry Screen connects directly to content owners’ websites, providing an alternative to consumer screening systems such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Ross Bentley, CEO of Rights Tracker, said: “For many years, content owners have known that they need to maintain control of their rights. They should also look to keep greater control of their assets, ensuring they remain within the business environment and only viewed by potential buyers. Assetry Screen allows producers and distributors to promote their content under their own brand, making it easy to keep an online catalog up to date.”

Among the companies already utilizing the service are the kids’ entertainment outfit CAKE and co-production finance specialist Wild Thring Media.

Edward Galton, the CCO and managing director of CAKE, commented: “We have already found Assetry Screen to be a powerful sales and marketing tool for our business. Uploading and managing our content online is now so simple and having real-time, detailed viewing statistics helps us target buyers very effectively.”

Edwina Thring, founder and managing director of Wild Thring Media, added: “My business seeks co-production finance, sells completed programming and manages talent: the thought of building and budgeting for a website that dealt with all of these elements initially filled me with horror. However, with Assetry Screen I quickly got what I needed, at minimum cost, and it’s made sharing content and doing business with broadcasters so much easier and quicker.”