MIPTV Spotlight: SDI Media


CANNES: SDI Media offers clients an end-to-end localization solution for feature films, episodic series, interactive games, digital media and corporate needs.

“With the world’s largest owned-and-operated network of facilities, incorporating over 150 recording rooms and more than 85 mixing rooms, SDI Media provides dubbing, subtitling, access services and other media solutions in more than 80 languages worldwide servicing 40 markets in 37 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas,” says Roy Dvorkin, the company’s senior VP of global business development. With the proliferation of SVOD and OTT platforms globally, content owners and distributors “need to consider localization at the onset when creating production budgets,” says Dvorkin. “As content owners are now looking at windowless sales opportunities, subtitles and/or foreign audio tracks should be considered a sales asset similar to the video, script and original-language audio.”

SDI Media has offices in the Middle East, providing it with in-territory resources to deliver assistance for all types of localization projects. “We are currently localizing content that is distributed across the Middle East and Africa, as well as taking content originally created in those territories and localizing it for distribution across the world in many languages,” adds Dvorkin.