Maya Goetz Joins CYM Conference Lineup

MONTREAL: The Alliance for Children and Television (ACT) has lined up Maya Goetz for a one-day workshop at the Children, Youth & Media (CYM) Conference, being held November 19 in Toronto, focused on understanding the preschool audience.

Goetz and IZI (International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television) will present "Everything You Need to Know About Preschoolers," a workshop that will provide a wide range of information on preschoolers around the globe, based on practical examples of formative research. Participants can screen more than 20 video segments of preschoolers watching programs, allowing them to see what sparks their interest or disinterest. The workshop also provides insight into the state of research on this age group, opening up discussions about how to produce quality programming for the preschool set. This workshop is made possible through the financial contribution of the Shaw Rocket Fund and Corus Entertainment.

A graduate of the Pädagogische Hochschule in Kiel, Germany, Goetz has been the managing director of the Prix Jeunesse International since 2006. Her main area of research is children/youth and television, but she also works and publishes in the field of gender-specific reception research.