Hernan Lopez Unveils New Audio-on-Demand Venture

LOS ANGELES: Hernan Lopez, former CEO of FOX International Channels, is launching Wondery, an audio-on-demand network focused on creating and curating original scripted and real-life programming.

Fox will be backing the new venture, which will specialize in mobile and on-demand audio storytelling.

“Wondery gives me the ability to combine many things I know and love—storytelling, network and brand building and technology—in the fastest growing segment of on-demand consumption,” said Lopez. “Americans spend three and a half hours a day with audio, and all that time is going in one direction: mobile, and on-demand. Podcast consumption has grown more than 40 percent in just two years and is about to reach a tipping point. This is the perfect timing to capture this opportunity, using some of the best practices that have transformed television over the last ten years.”

“Hernan has an exceptional understanding of the ways in which new technologies allow companies to build media brands on a global scale, and we look forward to his success with this new venture,” said Fox Networks Group’s chairman and CEO Peter Rice.