French TV Exports Up 2.7 Percent in 2005

SAINT TROPEZ, September 7: According to the annual survey
released by TV France International and CNC, French TV exports were up just 2.7
percent in 2005 to 150.8 million euros, with sales up 4 percent to 112.5 million
euros and presales down 0.8 percent to 38.3 million euros.

Sales posted their second year of growth—a 3.7 percent
rate in 2004—following declines in 2002 (16.3 percent) and 2003 (1.7

Presales were down this year after a healthy 19.5 percent
growth rate in 2004, following a decline of 28.4 percent in 2003 and a gain of
20.5 percent in 2002.

Sales and presales of fiction, documentaries and animation
increased by 10.4 percent compared with 2004, one of the sharpest rises in
recent years. A downward turn of 32.4 percent was observed for other genres,
such as magazine and performing arts programs and game shows.

The U.S. has become the leading export market for French
television programs, almost doubling from 5.9 million euros in 2004 to 11 million
euros. The gains were led by animation sales and presales.

In Western Europe, sales were up from 65.9 million euros to
66.8 million euros. For the second year in a row, Italy was the top market with
15.3 million euros, ahead of Germany’s 13.4 million euros. The three largest
markets among new EU member states (Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary)
also experienced growth, with sales rising to 3.6 million euros.

Latin America, led by Brazil—which accounted for 38
percent of the total—reached 2.4 million euros, up from 2 million euros.
Sales to Asia reached 2.8 million euros, and in the Middle East exports were up
40 percent to 4.8 million euros.

By genre, animation still dominates, with 45 million euros,
a 15 percent gain. Docs were up from 26.5 million euros to 27.9 euros, and
fiction recovered from a three-year slump, rising 20.4 percent.