FilmRise, Future Today Team for New App


FilmRise has partnered with Future Today to develop an Unspeakable franchise-branded streaming app, with a library spanning over 200 hours of content.

The app will house the creator’s popular portfolio of videos. Since 2021, FilmRise has adapted over 500 videos into broadcast-ready episodes, including the repackaged episodes that make up the Unspeakable and UnspeakablePlays series, which are already in distribution.

Future Today, FilmRise’s longtime OTT app technology partner, will design and host the app for FilmRise.

Jonitha Keymoore, head of content for FilmRise, stated: “The demand for this app underscores the ever-growing appetite for digital-first series tailor-made for a traditional viewing experience. This effort solidifies FilmRise’s position as the go-to destination for digital-first properties seeking wider distribution opportunities. We’re thrilled to venture into this frontier for creator programming with Future Today and are excited to continue to push the boundaries for content distribution across the streaming ecosystem.”

David Di Lorenzo, senior VP of content and partnerships for Future Today, added: “Through our longstanding collaboration with FilmRise, we’ve observed the rise and increased popularity of their Creator Partner Program from its inception in 2021. We are excited to unveil this app and provide audiences with a streamlined experience to enjoy all of the curated Unspeakable content in one convenient location.”

Nathan Milner, founder and CEO of Unspeakable, added: “I am so excited that fans will have access to curated content right on their home TV.”