CHUM Scores New Deals, Renewals

TORONTO, July 5: CHUM International has secured a raft of
new licensing deals and renewals on its slate of entertainment, fashion and
music programming.

The MMVAs '06 Red Carpet Arrivals Special and the 17th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards were taken by 4-The Story TV in Hungary, XYZ
Networks in Australia and INHD/INHD2 in the U.S. Also in the U.S., the
Independent Film Channel’s (IFC) VOD service has renewed 24 hours of sexuality
and social commentary series, documentaries and specials, including
Private Parties: Lives Exposed
, Sex
, Globalization and
the Language of Protest
and Scandal!
Sex, Sin & Celebrity: The Unsavoury History of Sex and Stars

In Russia, the new youth/music channel MUZ-TV took 27 hours
from CHUM’s original line-up of music programming, among them Born To Be, Heat Meter, Evolution, Uncovered and Profile.

In Hungary, 4-The Story TV picked up titles such as Heat
, Everything, Born To Be, The Story Of and
Egos & Icons
, plus fashion titles like Fashion
and Tahiti Model Search.

Spain’s Factoria de Canales renewed the original CHUM music
series LOUD and RapCity for Spain, Portugal and Andorra on the Teuve,
Factoria de Canales and Meteo channels.

Argentina’s Cosmopolitan Television Latin America renewed
the 33×30-minute FT-FashionTelevision.
And CANAL+ Horizons has ordered the genital origami comedy special
Puppetry of the Penis – Live at the Forum
for France, Monaco, Mauritius, Switzerland and Africa.