Channel 4 Commissions Britain’s Worst Weather

LONDON, June 26: Channel Four has commissioned Pioneer
Productions to produce Britain’s Worst Weather for broadcast later this year.

The four-part documentary, exploring floods, storms,
lightning and snow, will be hosted by Oxford University geography fellow Nick
Middleton. “Pioneer has experienced some of the planet’s most extreme weather
first hand,” said Mick Beckham, the series producer. “It’s often assumed that
the U.K. escapes the more violent weather experienced around the planet. We
think phenomena like hurricanes couldn’t happen here—but it can, and it
has. Using original footage and Nick Middleton’s expert knowledge, the series
will provide viewers with the most up-to-date and comprehensive understanding
of these ever-increasing natural occurrences.”

Pioneer’s other productions for Channel 4 exploring weather
conditions include Britain’s Tornado, The
Year the Earth Went Wild
and The Wave That Shook The World.