Bravo U.K. Announces First Advertiser-Funded Program

LONDON, June 15: Flextech
Television’s male-targeted Bravo channel has announced its first advertiser-funded
programming commission, partnering with the British Army.

Tentatively titled Everest: Man Versus Mountain, the
series will detail the British Army’s attempt on the summit of Mount Everest
via the mountain’s most notoriously difficult route, the West Ridge. Keo Films
has been commissioned by Bravo to produce the documentary, consisting of five
30-minute episodes. The show launches in a prime-time slot this fall. Each
episode will be topped and tailed with 10-second branded idents also produced
by Keo Films promoting the British Army.

“This is a hugely significant deal for Bravo as it
marks the first major AFP [advertiser-funded programming] development in
Bravo’s new programming strategy,” said Claire Heys, the head of commercial
partnerships at Flextech Television. “We hope that this is the first of many
AFP deals for Bravo and are delighted to partner with the Army for what
promises to be a dramatic and ambitious project.”

Jonathan Webb, the director of programming for Bravo,
Trouble, Challenge and Player, added, “This series is a story of daring, courage,
skill and determination during which each member of the team will inevitably be
subjected to periods of pain, heartache, terror and elation, making compelling
and awe-inspiring television for Bravo viewers. The Army’s challenge will bring
out the heroic desire in every man, and their aspiration to experience a voyage
as extreme as this.”

The expedition is timed to coincide with the 30th
anniversary of the Army’s first successful ascent of Everest.