Saturday, June 10, 2023
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ATF Spotlight: Banijay Rights


Banijay Rights’ Marie Antoinette centers on the young French queen.

“Growing from a stubborn young princess navigating the rules of the French court under pressure to continue the Bourbon line to a true fashion icon, she impressed with her natural charisma and recreated life in Versailles in her image: free, independent and a feminist ahead of her time,” says Rashmi Bajpai, executive VP of sales for Asia.

Rogue Heroes, written by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders), provides a dramatized account of how the special forces unit SAS was formed under extraordinary circumstances during World War II.

In addition, the singing competition format Le Plus Grand Karaoké de France (The Nation’s Greatest Karaoke) sees 1,000 people perform in front of a 6,000-person audience as singing teachers, musicians and vocal coaches choose the best.

“We’re looking forward to meeting more of our clients post-pandemic and in person, which is irreplaceable,” Bajpai says of ATF.

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