Singaporean Drama Perfect Girl Rolling Out on Viki


SINGAPORE: Viki is premiering its first Singaporean-produced drama, Perfect Girl from BananaMana Films, to global audiences this March.

Perfect Girl was initially created as a ten-episode series but also runs as a short feature. The coming-of-age romance centers on Stan and Jenny, who have had crushes on each other since high school and bump into each other ten years later.

Jason Chan, co-founder of BananaMana Films, commented: “We’re really proud to have put Singapore on the map at all these festivals—it was a first for Singapore to be nominated and a first for the wins but we’re blown away to be the first Singapore drama on Viki. Viki is a platform that we had watched grow from its local beginnings to a huge global streaming service. That it had started by bringing Korean content to the world makes it special for us as we’ve been inspired by Korean film and TV. It’s no accident that their content travels, currently they make some of the best shows in the world. Having Perfect Girl among other global and Korean prime-time TV and films is a dream. Getting our show in front of millions worldwide and having it cross language barriers is also incredibly exciting. Here in Singapore we’re constantly being told that local content doesn’t travel but I think Perfect Girl proved that it CAN travel and make a mark not only on the festival circuit but on a global network too. We hope this will help pave the way for other locally made dramas to reach international audiences.”