Yu-Gi-Oh! Expands Apparel & Accessories Program


Konami Cross Media NY has signed three new apparel and accessories licensees for the Yu-Gi-Oh! consumer products program.

Fashion UK is developing a line that features clothing made with sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. This includes a Blue-Eyes White Dragon T-shirt.

U.S.-based manufacturer Kovert is creating a line of gym apparel and accessories to appeal to Gen Z fans. Kovert is one of the first anime-specific gym apparel manufacturers.

MISTER SFC is introducing a Yu-Gi-Oh! line of jewelry to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the trading card game.

All of the merchandise will be available in time for the 2023 holiday season.

“We are excited for the continuing growth into new categories,” said Jennifer Coleman, VP of licensing and marketing at Konami Cross Media NY. “From sustainable clothing to gym workout wear to jewelry, these new deals will bring a lot of buzz around Yu-Gi-Oh! products not previously available to its fans.”