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The escapades of Oscar, a little penguin who lives in a unique environment, are at the center of the new adventure comedy The Adventures of Little Penguin. In each episode, Oscar sets out to explore the world, meeting new characters who teach him about himself and others.

Produced by Tencent Video, the 52×5-minute non-dialogue series is a new addition to the Superights catalog. Nathalie Pinguet, deputy managing director of sales and acquisitions at the company, describes it as “a fantastic new show, in which the young penguin is setting out to explore the world, meeting new characters who teach him about himself but also about others. He quickly discovers that it’s not the destination that matters, but rather the people you meet along the journey. How can Oscar help a cuckoo find his own food? How can he help a chameleon get his self-confidence back? How can he teach a squirrel to fly? Surrounded ***Image***by endearing characters, our new favorite penguin will live tremendous stories full of action, humor and emotion, conveying each time a positive message.”

The show possesses different aspects that make it original and stand out from what is currently available in the market, she adds. “First of all, the program is dialogue-free, making it easy to watch and easily understandable for all kids all around the world. It has been designed in the slapstick tradition, taking an original approach by developing a new kind of positive slapstick. Thanks to the quality of the production of Tencent Video, the creative and colorful settings and CG animation techniques will entertain and delight young viewers without any doubt.”

The Adventures of Little Penguin also imparts different messages for kids. It celebrates friendship, the happiness of being together, openness to others as well as the importance of respecting differences. The series also addresses important topics such as environmental issues and sustainable development.

“We strongly believe in the success of this brand-new program,” Pinguet says. “It combines originality and quality, addressing at the same time actual topics. There are plenty of visual gags, always with the aim of conveying a violence-free message full of kindness and playfulness. The beauty of the settings and the comic [value] of the stories are great highlights that will make the series a universal hit.”

She adds that the non-dialogue aspect is a significant benefit, making it ripe to sell all around the world, as it avoids dubbing costs for the channels and is ready to broadcast as soon as it’s delivered.

The Adventures of Little Penguin completely fits and completes the lineup of the catalog we offer to the market, offering premium and diversified content to meet the buyers’ demands,” says Pinguet. “Above all, the series conveys real values: creativity, bravery, generosity and imagination.”

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