Winsing Unveils New GOGOBUS & Racing Toy Lines


At the Winsing 2022 Summer New Product Rollout Conference, the company revealed three brand-new toy series for its GOGOBUS brand.

Among the newly announced toys, the 2-in-1 GOGOBUS robot series vehicles can transform into mecha and combine with each other to create a unique robot. Based on GOGOBUS’s ninth and tenth seasons, the mini-adventure track series showcases the scenes in the animated show, with each scene playable as a track and able to be combined into a large loop.

The magnetic transforming cube series added some magnetic and transforming features. Product appearance is designed according to different animal images in GOGOBUS such as lion, chameleon, bowerbird, rabbit and bull. Kids can trigger the magnetic cubes with GOGOBUS vehicles to transform into different animals.

There is also a new GG-Bond: Racing racer toy series featuring high-tech racers with detachable accessories. Users can manually upgrade and transform the racers.