Winsing to Join China Licensing Expo


Winsing is set to participate in the China Licensing Expo (CLE), one of Asia’s licensing exhibitions organized by the China Toy & Juvenile Products Association.

CLE is scheduled to take place from October 17 to 19 in Shanghai. Winsing will present its latest animated properties and unveil licensing prospects.

The company’s lineup features well-established children’s animated series GG-Bond and GOGOBUS, as well as several new IPs, including Mega Meow, Shadows of the Void and Mongo.

Mega Meow is a mecha-action kids animation, while Shadows of the Void marks Winsing’s first foray into anime TV series, targeting anime enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Mongo is a whimsical 2D slapstick series for animal lovers.

The new space-themed series GOGOBUS Mars Trip will make a launch with its interactive toy lines. Additionally, seasons seven and eight of GG Bond Racing and Kung Fu Pork Choppers, along with the Kung Fu feature film, are to also make a debut at CLE.

The GG-Bond IP has co-branded with milk tea brand BaiFenCha and TOPTOY. To mark the 18th birthday of GG-Bond this year, Winsing will also carry out cross-border co-branding with Baidu Map, Eggy Party mobile game, MaLaWangZi, Keep APP and more, aiming to maximize brand value.