Tween Live-Action Series Springboard Begins Production


Production is underway on Frank van Keeken’s (The Next Step, Lost & Found Music Studios) tween live-action series Springboard, from DHX Television’s Family Channel, CBBC and Beachwood Canyon Productions.

The 15-episode order is currently being filmed in Toronto. The half-hour drama series is scheduled to debut on Family Channel in Canada and CBBC in the U.K. in 2020. Springboard, which was previously titled Up In the Air, follows Jenny Cortez, a talented young gymnast who moves to a new city when her family gets the opportunity to run their own gymnastics club. With new friends and an intimidating new school, Jenny looks to persevere and become the gymnastics legend she was born to be.

Springboard stars Morgan Wigle as Jenny; Tom Hulshof as Jenny’s brother, Joon Cortez; Helena Marie as Jenny’s mother, Whitney Cortez; and Shawn Alex Thompson as Jenny’s Grandfather, Gus McIlroy. The series also stars Francesca van Keeken (The Next Step), Jordan Clark (The Next Step) and newcomers Ajanae Stephenson, Natasha Zaborski, Holly Belbeck, Abby Stretch, Keira Still, Luca Assad, Osias Reid, Leonidas Castrounis, Parker Lauzon and Hailey Vynychenko.

The series is executive produced by van Keeken and his Beachwood Canyon Productions team. Andrew Barnsley (Schitt’s Creek, JANN) and Ben Murray (JANN, Working the Engels) also serve as executive producers. International distribution will be handled by DHX Media.

“We’re delighted to announce that production on Springboard is underway,” said Joe Tedesco, executive VP and general manager of DHX Television. “Family Channel has seen tremendous success working with Frank van Keeken in the past on such shows as Wingin’ It, Lost & Found Music Studios, and of course, The Next Step. We are excited to collaborate with his team at Beachwood Canyon Productions, and with CBBC to bring this new aspirational and heartfelt intergenerational series to our audience.”

“The CBBC audience are already huge fans of Frank van Keeken’s work and love the expert blend of emotion and aspiration in his characters,” said Cheryl Taylor, head of content for BBC Children’s. “Springboard, with young gymnast Jenny’s engaging and enabling journey, looks set to attract an equally besotted army of fans.”

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with DHX Television and CBBC to create this inspiring gymnastic drama,” said van Keeken. “Our cast includes amazingly talented gymnasts and we are excited to introduce them to our young audiences and their families around the world.”