TVOkids Greenlights Eco Series Green Squad


TVOkids has ordered the new unscripted, live-action eco series Green Squad from Apartment 11 Productions.

The show sees five environmentally savvy hosts challenge other kids to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes so they can all help make their homes and communities greener and cleaner. It is set to debut on TVOkids in fall 2023.

In each episode, three of the five Green Squad members rotate through to answer a call for help from one young person eager to make a positive environmental impact in their home or community. The Squad leads three Earth-friendly missions to inform and educate while showing that even though change can be tough, it can also be entertaining.

The series is aimed at kids ages 6 to 9. Production took place in summer and fall 2022 in and around Ontario and Quebec. Apartment 11 cast the Green Squad hosts from across Canada, finding young people who had a strong connection to environmental causes. They reached out to schools, community centers and groups with a nature or environmental focus to find kids who had a real desire to make change in their lives.

Green Squad is made with the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit. It is created by Jonathan Finkelstein, produced by Stephanie Blanshay, and written and directed by Leo Singer and Dale Burshtein.

“It’s fantastic to see a group of older teens help younger kids striving to lead a greener life reach their goals,” said Finkelstein, president and executive producer at Apartment 11 Productions. “This is an issue kids care deeply about, and there’s a rich takeaway for viewers and their families who aspire to a more environmentally friendly way of life at home, school and outdoors.”

“Children have a great capacity for understanding and valuing their connection to the environment, especially when they learn about how they can make a positive impact,” said Kirsten Hurd, executive producer at TVOkids. “Green Squad will help engage and excite kids everywhere who are ready to build their creative problem-solving skills.”