TVO Goes for Factual Kids’ Show It’s My Party


Bristow Global Media’s new factual-entertainment children’s series It’s My Party has been given the go-ahead by TVO in Canada.

It’s My Party sees youngsters pair up to participate in a number of challenges and games centered on food, fashion and festivities, with each episode culminating in a lively performance. The 13×22-minute show, which celebrates diversity, is meant for viewers between the ages of 6 and 9. It has begun production in Toronto for broadcast on TVO next year.

Executive producers on It’s My Party include Julie Bristow, Marlo Miazga and Daniel Bourré for Bristow Global Media, and Marney Malabar and Marianne Lambert for TVO. Distribution360 will work with Bristow Global Media on international distribution, while also managing format rights worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with TVO on It’s My Party,” said Bristow, the president and CEO of Bristow Global Media (BGM). “The series is inspired by the diverse fabric of our communities and our curiosity behind these traditions, festivals and religious ceremonies. Audiences will be entertained by this playful series. Each celebration is explored in a fun and easy-to-follow format for kids and parents.”

“BGM has created a format that will not only entertain, it is the perfect vehicle for exploring the diverse cultural and religious communities who make Ontario their home,” added Malabar, the director of kids’ television at TVO. “It’s My Party will celebrate our local communities and help develop an understanding of how traditions and events contribute to and enrich Canadian society.”