TV Kids In-Demand Recap: DNI, STEM/STEAM & Girl Power

In time for the winter TV Kids Festival (now available on-demand), we released another round of our popular TV Kids In-Demand reports spotlighting children’s properties available for buyers worldwide. In line with market demand, we opted to showcase series touching on key themes for children, broadcasters and caregivers alike: diversity and inclusion, STEM/STEAM curricula and aspirational girl characters.

Diversity & Inclusion
Commissioned by CBBC and ZDF Enterprises, Scream Street is an animated comedy for kids aged 6 to 10 based on the hit books by Tommy Donbavand. The series, distributed by ZDF Enterprises, captures the challenges and tribulations of teen friendship groups, with a recurring narrative being the importance of being who you are. Focused on kids aged 5 to 9, Guru Studio’s Big Blue follows sibling underwater adventurers Lettie and Lemo as they discover the ocean’s mysteries with their submarine crew and a magical ocean fairy stowaway named Bacon Berry. The series was created by Ghanaian Canadian Gyimah Gariba, who was hailed by Forbes magazine as one of 15 Young African Creatives Rebranding Africa. Produced by T&B Media Global and Flying Bark Productions, the kids 5 to 9 comedy FriendZSpace is centered on the core idea that “different is good,” says Dorian Bühr, head of global distribution at Studio 100 Media. “The core messages are about friendship, inclusion and welcoming diversity with open arms,” Bühr says. DeAPlaneta Entertainment, Lion Forge Animation and MOBO Digital Factory are behind the bridge 4 to 7 series Tilly, The Power Within, which celebrates diversity through inclusive storytelling that embraces building new habits while celebrating customs and traditions. CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution is showcasing the kids 6 to 9 edutainment production Li’l Doc, about an empathetic female doctor who explains diseases and their symptoms. See the DNI report here.

Monster Entertainment represents Earth to Luna!, a Pinguim Content production for Discovery Kids that encompasses seven seasons for a total of more than 180 episodes. Through the adventures of science-loving 6-year-old Luna, the series helps younger viewers nurture their curiosity, and it encourages them to think creatively about things they encounter every day. The episodes in ZDF Enterprises’ Space Nova use real science in the stories of a family journeying through space in search of alien life. It was commissioned by Super RTL, ABC ME and 9Network from SLR Productions. Made for Radio-Canada, That’s Cool! is a series of edutainment capsules. A STEAM curriculum is included in each episode of the show, sold by CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution. Math takes center stage in Distribution360’s Polkaroo Counts!, targeted at preschoolers. “The series captures the important notion that when it comes to mathematics, play is the engine of learning,” says Diane Rankin, senior VP of rights at Distribution360. “Polkaroo Counts! was developed with an early math education specialist and uses tangible materials to teach children to think about numbers and how they are made.” Alphablocks and Blue Zoo Animation Studio produced the CBeebies show Numberblocks, which Aardman Animations is selling in multiple markets. It celebrates numbers and learning, helping children master key math skills with every adventure. See the STEM/STEAM report here.

Girl Power
Fourteen-year-old Alisa is the lead character in ZDF Enterprises’ kids 10-plus series Heirs of the Night, an epic saga about vampire clans that come together to save their kind. Set in 1889 and shot across Europe, the show was commissioned by NRK, AVROTROS, NDR and ZDF Enterprises. From CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution, the preschool comedy Glowbies focuses on a group of friends unofficially led by the mechanical-minded, sports-loving Jelly. Also for the preschool set is NBCUniversal Global Distribution’s Gabby’s Dollhouse, a DreamWorks Animation production that has been a hit on Netflix. Executive produced by Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey, the mixed-media series sees Gabby heading on magical adventures with her kitty friends. WildBrain has two seasons of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City on offer, together with four premium CG specials. “Strawberry Shortcake is brave and fearless, with bold ambitions to make her big-city dreams come true,” says Caroline Tyre, VP of global sales and rights strategy at WildBrain. “She’s our very own Mary Tyler Moore! Through Strawberry’s entrepreneurial spirit and her diverse friendship group, our aim is to empower all girls to pursue their dreams.” For kids 8 to 12, Serious Kids is showcasing Girls of Olympus, a fantasy adventure series made for RaiPlay and Rai Gulp. It focuses on three high school girls who discover their true identities as reincarnations of Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis. See the Girl Power report here.